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SAIL Magazine Top Ten Best Boats


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Nominations Galore for our Prestigious Brands

We are excited to announce that the new Elan Impression 43 along with the Italia Yachts 12.98 AND Italia Yachts 14.98 have all been nominated for the SAIL Magazine ‘Top Ten Best Boats’ for 2024

Added cudos going to the Italia Yachts 14.98 that is also nominated for the coveted Boat of the Year Award 2024 by Sailing World.

Such recognition shows the true testament to quality, style and performance from both of these exceptional ship builders.

New Elan Impression 43

The new Elan Impression 43 is the fusion of contemporary style, unmatched functionality, superior craftsmanship and sets a new standard in the world of modern boating. Get ready to be captivated by the sheer elegance of the Elan Impression 43, meticulously designed by the legendary Pininfarina.  With a revolutionary hull by Humphreys Yacht Design, it’s rewriting the rules for family cruisers, promising endless pleasure and unmatched comfort during your extended journeys.

The first Elan Impression 43 arrives into Sydney in two weeks. This yacht is available for Yacht Share starting from the 1st November for a three year term.  This is your golden opportunity to live the dream, soak up the lifestyle and start sailing now.  Hurry, only limited shares remain Read More 

New Italia Yachts 12.98

The magnificent Italia Yachts 12.98 seamlessly bridges the gap between its illustrious siblings, the IY 14.98 and the IY 11.98, in a triumphant display of size, design, and purpose. While the grand IY 14.98 is tailor-made for the speed-seeking sailor, enticing with the promise of opulent long-term cruising, and the nimble IY 11.98 leans towards the thrilling world of racing, the IY 12.98 emerges as an extraordinary fusion of the best of both worlds.

For those looking for the ultimate cross over model, we have a new IY 12.98 on order.  This is a golden opportunity to jump the queue and take delivery mid next year. Contact Us on (02) 9281 4422 for details and price offer.

Italia Yachts 14.98

The Italia Yachts 14.98 marks a phenomenal stride in luxury yacht design, dedicated to the cruising enthusiast. It unveils vast, lavishly comfortable spaces that nurture an enchanting and bespoke ambiance, meticulously crafted for extended passages at sea. Its expansive dimensions and sumptuous interiors  adorned by the most opulent woods and textiles, promise an unmatched and sensual living experience.

Whether you’re indulging in leisurely cruises or embracing the thrill of competitive racing, the IY 14.98 will stimulate and refresh the senses.  Every detail has been fastidiously tailored to ensure peak functionality and unrivaled comfort, establishing this yacht as the ultimate choice for sailors on a quest for an exceptional blend of luxury and performance.

Italia Yachts 14.98 also nominated for Boat of the Year Award 2024 by
Sailing World

As our brands consistently earn global recognition through prestigious design awards, nominations for Yacht and Boat of the Year, and championship trophies, our unwavering commitment remains focused on delivering the utmost in quality products and services to all our valued customers.

For additional information, pricing details, availability updates, or to arrange inspections for any of the models we offer, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. You can Contact Us directly or give us a call at (02) 9281 4422.








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