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The Epitome of Italian Style, Luxury and Performance

About The ICE 70

A Triumph of Collaboration and Craftsmanship

Elevating maritime innovation to new heights, the ICE 70 emerges as the latest jewel from the esteemed ICE Yachts of Italy. This exceptional vessel marks the third installment in a visionary series, meticulously crafted in partnership with the Felci Yacht Design studio and the shipyard’s seasoned technical artisans.

Steered by the guiding principles of Quality and Comfort, inherent to every ICE hull, the ICE 70 redefines onboard luxury in a class of its own. It embodies the very essence of satisfaction that ICE Yachts consistently delivers. Seamlessly blending contemporary aesthetics with cutting-edge technology, this masterpiece offers an abundance of opulent interior and exterior spaces, ensuring a haven of tranquility and indulgence.

Unveiling a harmonious fusion of technological prowess and refined design, the ICE 70 navigates the waters of innovation. Engineered for effortless navigation, it guarantees a seamless sailing experience without compromising performance or safety.

As the ICE 70 unfurls its sails, a new era of maritime magnificence commences, embodying the pinnacle of Italian yachting artistry.

ELEGANCE in the style choices, harmonious both internally and externally, in which classic and modern style elements are based, thus emphasizing exclusivity and refinement.

TECHNOLOGY in content, both on a design and construction level.The shipyard has made use of all its decades of experience, using excellent techniques and materials, such as the infusion for the production of composite parts, the extensive use of carbon fibers for the hull, deck, structures, ensuring great rigidity and high safety factors.

PERFORMANCE, thanks to the shape of the hull characterized by a reduced wet surface and at the same time by a high form stability, thus ensuring fast and comfortable cruises and participation in long distance offshore races with emotions that are all to be lived.

VERSATILITY of the interior layouts; ICE YACHTS gives the opportunity for optional customization of the interior furnishings. In fact, an ad hoc project for shapes, colours, and materials can be created in order to make your yacht truly unique.


Ergonomic Simplicity

Decking Elegance: A Fusion of Form and Function

Step aboard the ICE 70 and be immersed in a realm of unparalleled design. The deck greets you with expansive spaces and meticulous arrangement that exude exclusivity. A hallmark of refinement is the squared, flat, and graceful deckhouse adorned with double-layered glass windows. These windows bathe the “raised” living room in radiant light. Meticulous ergonomic design births the spacious cockpit, designed for safety and crew efficiency. The strategic placement of primary and mainsail winches ensures easy access, while the discreetly housed hydraulic rams for backstay adjustment exemplify a clean aesthetic.

Bowsprit Brilliance: Carbon-Clad Versatility

A carbon bowsprit, meticulously engineered, awaits your command. Functionality meets artistry as it accommodates the gennaker, code zero and anchor with finesse.

Stern Sophistication: Accessible Luxury

The opening stern reveals a capacious garage, primed to harbor sails and essentials. The water-level stern platform invites easy sea access. Hydraulic, retractable gangways maximise the convenience.

Cockpit Comfort: Crafted for Pleasure

In the cockpit, the ergonomic seating is elevated by the option of water-repellent, customizable cushions. Ingenious design is embodied by hidden recesses and lockers, offering space without compromising aesthetics. A customizable carbon and teak table stands as a convergence of architecture and technology, facilitating convivial gatherings.

Sheltered Delights: Dodger and Bimini

The creative ethos extends to the dodger and bimini, seamlessly integrating utility with maritime elegance. The bimini, fashioned from aerodynamic carbon arches, boasts a central window and interior lighting for a sanctuary amidst changing weather.


Exuding Grandeur

In the debut of this exquisite model, the artistry lies in the wood veneers, where natural teak takes center stage. Here begins the narrative of blending classic nautical traditions with contemporary brilliance. Vertical elements come alive with a seamless embrace of natural leather inserts, eloquently weaving through each living space.

A symphony of hues, where beige and white elegantly entwine, dances upon fabrics, infusing vitality into the surroundings. Delicately nuanced seats and sumptuous sofas lend distinction to the two living realms: the lighter expanse dedicated to relaxation, and the TV enclave, veiled in a deeper shade, fostering an ambiance of intimacy.

Every object, meticulously chosen, resonates with the essence of classicism reborn in a modern form. The harmony between a half-hull model and a contemporary Flos design lamp paints a canvas of sophistication.

The teak floor, a masterstroke of design, adorned with dark wengé staves, elegantly traverses from stern to bow, creating a seamless thread that unites every space. The aft domain, home to the captain’s cabin interlinked with the culinary realm, carves out an enclave of seclusion, extending generous privacy to the owner and esteemed guests.

At the bow, an ode to opulence unfolds. The master cabin emerges, a sanctuary of magnificence. Wrapped in teak, it boasts a master bathroom adorned with shower and sauna. An adjacent study offers solitude, a sanctuary of thought. Parallelly, the guest realm beckons, featuring a double-bed cabin embellished with spacious wardrobes, accompanied by a dedicated bathroom.

This is not just a vessel; it’s a testament to elegance, where every detail, every hue, and every element coalesce to create an experience that elevates the senses and speaks to the heart.

Exterior Gallery

Interior Gallery

Technical Specification

Overall length 21.30 m
Draft 2.80 m / 4.50m Opt
Displacement 25.5 t
Max beam  5.76 m
Ballast  8.10 t
Engine power Yanmar 4LV 195 Hp
Fuel tank capacity 1200 l
Water tank capacity 1100 l
Mainsail 148 m2
Jib 111 m2
Staysail 66.5 m2
Gennaker 377.6 m2
Code Zero 238.6 m2