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IY 12.98

Comfort and Performance

New Italia Yachts 12.98 Stock Model Available

About The IY 12.98

The Italia Yachts 12.98 is a superbly designed modern performance cruising yacht that offers an unparalleled sailing experience. With its sleek and fast hull, this yacht is built for both cruising and racing, combining hydrodynamic research and simulations with data analysis from a team of seasoned professionals.

The yacht’s ergonomic and functional deck layout, together with its balanced hull lines, strikes a perfect harmony between comfort and performance. Taking inspiration from the fluid concepts of the IY 9.98 Fuoriserie, the distribution of volumes within the interior is optimized for cruising style, creating an aesthetically pleasing and comfortable environment.

In comparison to other models in the yard, the IY 12.98’s fore and aft rake is more prominent, which reduces the wetted surface area and enhances its performance in light wind conditions. The aft waterline sections are designed to allow for a variable dynamic length, which increases with speed, delivering exceptional sailing capabilities.

The yacht’s handling has been meticulously addressed through a careful study of longitudinal trim and symmetrical volumes while heeled, as well as the concentration of weights to minimize pitching and maximise comfort.

We are excited to announce we have a brand new IY 12.98 on order that will be available mid 2024.  Contact Us for details.


Fuoriserie is the lighter, more race-oriented version. The number and positioning of the winches is designed to be functional for racing and the deck equipment layout can be customized according to the crew’s preference. In both versions there is no compromise in terms of on-board life. In both the Fuoriserie and Bellissima versions, the on-board life is unparalleled. The Bellissima features a teak deck and a carefully designed layout that prioritizes cruising, making navigation easy and comfortable for families or smaller crews without compromising on speed or the feeling at the helm.


The Italia Yachts 12.98 is a brand new project that boasts a sleek and fast hull designed for both cruising and racing. Created through the synergistic work of a team of seasoned professionals who combined modern design techniques, hydrodynamic research, and simulations with data analysis, this yacht delivers unparalleled performance and reliability.

The 12.98’s tapered hull is designed to provide a thrilling sailing experience with its elusive and sleek lines that ensure the smoothest possible passage on the waves. The yacht’s design combines power and safety, delivering exceptional performance in a variety of conditions.




The interiors of the Italia Yachts 12.98 yacht are designed with a strong emphasis on ecology, nature, and respect for the environment. Wicker, cotton, and linen fibers are interpreted with technological and innovative solutions to create a luxurious and elegant environment, without adding unnecessary weight to the boat.

As with the entire Italia Yachts range, the interior solutions of the 12.98 are the result of ergonomic studies that prioritize excellent habitability and comfort that exceed industry standards. The yacht’s interior is designed to offer a relaxing and enjoyable experience, with every detail carefully crafted to ensure optimal functionality and comfort.



Exterior Gallery – FUORISERIE

Interior Gallery – FUORISERIE

Interior Gallery – BELLISSIMA

Technical Specification

Overall length 14.8 m (Fuoriserie) / 14.3 m (Bellissima)
Waterline length 12.46 m (Fuoriserie) / 12.55 m (Bellissima)
Hull length 13.6m
Max beam  3.95 m
Displacement 8,917 kg (Fuoriserie) / 9,290 kg (Bellissima)
Engine power  30hp
Fuel tank capacity 210 L
Mainsail 61.5 m2 (Fuoriserie) / 58.4 m2 (Bellissima)
Jib 51 m2
Gennaker 195 m2 (Fuoriserie) / 178 m2 (Bellissima)
Water tank capacity 350 L
Draft 2.3 m / (2.4 m / 2.46 m Optional)
Naval Architect Cossutti yacht design
Exterior Design Cossutti yacht design / Italia Yachts Design Team
Interior Design Arbore & Partners / Italia Yachts Design Team