Dufour 382

Developed by Felci Yacht, the naval architecture consists of a rig design layout that maximises comfort on board, with balance being attainable in all sailing conditions.
Efficiency, with a self tacking jib, maximum sail lift and a full batten mainsail is the result of a very high aspect ratio. Optimised to fit two longitudinal rails in order, the deck plan constitutes availability to have a 108% extra sail genoa, for the more performance driven customers.
All yachts in the Grand Large Dufour range have an easy access at the boom gooseneck area by inclining the boom forward. The extra sail area is just a part of the Dufour DNA.
Dufour has taken on board suggestions from clients, to breed a deck plan design that better suits the needs to enhance the experience on board.
With a cockpit that is 10cm longer than the previous 380, as well as an improved interface for the helmsmen to enjoy a roomy backstay, the fixed bowsprit is an option to fit code 0, enabling pleasurable sailing conditions with the absence of effort.

The Dufour 382 is available for viewing and test sail in Sydney.


There are 6 different layouts that the Dufour 382 GL can offer.

Firstly though, the possibility to have either a more traditional L shaped galley versus a Mediterranean galley on the port hull side, is the crux of our flexibility. This allows satisfaction of the different needs, habits and uses of customers from around the world.

Secondly, the unique Grand Large offers the possibility to have a second head in the longitudinal galley layout. This feature allows the 382 to challenge the needs and comfort owners usually find in the 40-42 foot range. The 382 benefits from a lower budget, as well as lower maintenance costs, but satisfies needs only found in its much larger brothers.

The study of ergonomics and the flow on board has taken a great precedence for the Dufour 382 GL. The result creates easy access to and from the sofa both from the front and aft side, by modelling the 1-1.4 metre cockpit table to allow daily use for up to 8 people (the largest in the market).

The commutable chart table was first developed for the 410, but is integrated now into the 382, allowing the sofa to be further extended. A feature of note is that in the standard longitudinal galley layout (3 cabins, 1 head) is the only one in the market with a traditional chart table and oilskin locker behind the chart seat.

The result is a very versatile yacht, aiming to better satisfy all the different markets and all the different needs sought after by our customers.