Dufour 350

The Dufour Grand Large 350 borrows genius ergonomics and comfort from its elder brothers. All the finesse of style; taking quality of life to new levels, means this luxury cruiser is fantastic when sailing and when moored. With competitive pricing, the Grand Large 350 is a master of its trade.

Designed for long-haul sailing

Offering a perfect balance between reliability and performance, the hull of the Dufour Grand Large 350 makes for great off-shore cruising and unique sailing thrills.

Its large sail surface area enables it to reach remarkable top speeds, whilst the split-level deck and self-tacking jib guarantee optimum handling and steering and perfect visibility. Its open cockpit is perfect for long-haul sailing and is extremely comfortable.

The Dufour way of life

This 35-foot yacht was designed to offer maximum space and comfort whilst looking good and being as functional as possible. Offering a perfect balance between traditional know-how and modernity, the interior of the Dufour Grand Large 350 reflects the French way of life.

The bold elegant lines of the central area with its modular design are transformed by the use of high quality materials. All of the items in this yacht’s living spaces bear the Dufour mark and epitomise the brand’s charm and timeless character down to the smallest details. Every day on board is a good day.