Dufour 310

Dufour’s Grand Large 310 embodies the lifestyle that Dufour has infused over the last 50 years into it projects: even for a single handed purpose, this yacht is comfortable, well-balanced, fast and easy-to-steer.
This project aimed to create a small boat with the comfort, iconic style and technology of the more luxurious and larger models in our fleet.
A boat characterised by excellent performance, with a great personality and maximum ease of handling, is the result. This embodies Dufour’s timeless elegance.
With a length of just 9.35m, the Grand Large 310 perfectly exhibits the latest design philosophy. Dynamic and streamlined, the Dufour style will win you over at first glance.
The Dufour 310 is available for viewing and test sail in Sydney.

Dufour310 Exterior view