Elan Yachts reveal the NEW GT6 at Boot Dusseldorf 2020

Ed Penn from our office attended the recent show and was on hand at the Elan stand to provide an overview of this exciting new model. Elan had one of the most elaborate displays at the show featuring the Elan E5 and recently launched Impression 45.1 mounted in pools of water giving an authentic look. The stand also incorporated cascading water running the full length of the entry walkway, a unique 360 Interactive experience of the new GT6 using touch screens to view every aspect of the new model, and even a extremely rare 1973 Porsche 911 2,7 RS (only two still existing in the world) to commemorate the cooperation with Studio F.A. Porsche that designed deck and interior.

With the transfer of ownership last May to KJK Management and now under the control of KJK Sports, Elan are set to be part of one of the worlds largest all-season active outdoors sporting goods companies. With their future secure, Elan are fully focused on delivering new designs and expanding the range of high quality yachts, starting with the GT6 and the new Impression 50.1 coming soon.

For a limited time we are offering special introductory pricing on the new GT6 available from May. Contact our office for details (02) 9281 4422