New Dufour 390 and 430 Grand Large Models Debut at Cannes Yachting Festival

390 Grand Large

430 Grand Large

The official launch of the Dufour 390 and 430 Grand Large and Dufour Catamaran 48 took place at the Cannes Yachting Festival earlier this month. Ed Penn, from our office attended the show for an up close look at these new models and to spend time in the company of the Dufour sales & design team and mingle with many of the other 100 dealers that attended.

“Umberto Felci and his team have done a magnificent job in the design of the new models further improving the hull shape, the aesthetics and of course the sailing performance. The soft chine, solid bulwarks and new generation decking made the new models a real stand out at the show” commented Ed. Both models were presented with teak interiors and luxury parquet flooring giving a “real premium finish”. Dufour also unveiled their new electric ‘smart’ 12v panel that now allows even greater connectivity with smart phones. “We are confident that the new generation 390 and 430 will be popular amongst Australian buyers”